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Posted by AprilP - December 8th, 2016

6098096_148124987982_n.jpgthe design process on this had many failed attempts and changes of ideas and sore arms from using the window as a light box because I don't have a lightbox or a computer  with a programe related to drawing let alone a printer scanner. So I went though dozens of cheap paper. I even completely changed my idea. In the end I decided to go for my first sketch but  made slight changes then did the line work for it. I think it coming along nicely. Most work I"ve ever put into a piece of art befrore. II'll be sharpening my coloured pencils and getting this shaded and coloured by tonight as the deadline for @Jazza December Hero & Pet Challenge of the month is on 10th December. I need get a move on.  #bheropetchallenge #DrawWithJazza 


Posted by AprilP - December 6th, 2016

6098096_148100332521_n.jpg 6098096_148100332331_n.jpg
6098096_148100332062_n.jpgDraw with @Jazza Creating Creatures book has given me a new outlook on how to create my own pieces of art like i never have before with making up my own character. It gave me the confidence by following through discovering and getting inspiration and working out the design and then developing my character and putting it down onto the paper and putting it all together in the end. Following through the book helps me when i get stuck and have no idea what to do next and how to expand. Thank you Jazza this newbie artist is much in your debt!!

Posted by AprilP - November 1st, 2016

pink circle girl by april phelps  lady in scarf by april phelps lynx by april phelps  doodle by april phelps  my dog life drawing by april phelpspainting by april phelps pokemashupchallenge  pic by april phelps  6098096_147803340872_n.jpg  6098096_147803340631_n.jpg  6098096_147803340583_n.jpg 6098096_147803340331_n.jpg 6098096_147803340081_n.jpg 6098096_147803339942_n.jpg 6098096_147803339741_n.jpg 6098096_147803339681_n.jpg 6098096_147803339563_n.jpg 6098096_147803339191_n.jpg 

Posted by AprilP - November 1st, 2016

Hi my name is April, a full-time mum, a hair hobbyist and I want to become an artist. I love animals and music. I came to newgrounds to enter Draw With Jazza Competition of the Month pokemashup challenge and I am currently working on my traditional drawing of a Vaporeon and charizrd fusion. I am still deciding whether to paint it or colour it with watercolour and coloured pencil. I enjoy either medium. I draw daily and practice whenever I can. With coming on here I hope to get my artwork out there for someone to notice me. these are some artwork of mine from 1 year ago i have improved alot since then thank to me drawing daily      Eye Hollow by April Phelps Rhino by April Phelps  Parrot by April Phelps  My Dog Jonah as Pup by April Phelps  Wolf Eye by April Phelps My daughter by April Phelps Hand by April Phelps mandela doodle by April Phelps maori lady pattern by april phelps