Enjoying creating characters (thanks Jazza)

2016-12-06 00:48:47 by AprilP

6098096_148100332521_n.jpg 6098096_148100332331_n.jpg
6098096_148100332062_n.jpgDraw with @Jazza Creating Creatures book has given me a new outlook on how to create my own pieces of art like i never have before with making up my own character. It gave me the confidence by following through discovering and getting inspiration and working out the design and then developing my character and putting it down onto the paper and putting it all together in the end. Following through the book helps me when i get stuck and have no idea what to do next and how to expand. Thank you Jazza this newbie artist is much in your debt!!


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2016-12-06 03:22:59

Creative hobbies are maybe the most fun and rewarding, completely worth to dedicate them time.
I saw your pokemon mashup, looks pretty nice. (º- º ) b

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AprilP responds:

It sure is I enjoy it and making the most of it while i am a stay at home mum. thanks for that little tip