Entry #4

My WIP b-heropetchallenge

2016-12-08 21:18:01 by AprilP

6098096_148124987982_n.jpgthe design process on this had many failed attempts and changes of ideas and sore arms from using the window as a light box because I don't have a lightbox or a computer  with a programe related to drawing let alone a printer scanner. So I went though dozens of cheap paper. I even completely changed my idea. In the end I decided to go for my first sketch but  made slight changes then did the line work for it. I think it coming along nicely. Most work I"ve ever put into a piece of art befrore. II'll be sharpening my coloured pencils and getting this shaded and coloured by tonight as the deadline for @Jazza December Hero & Pet Challenge of the month is on 10th December. I need get a move on.  #bheropetchallenge #DrawWithJazza 



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