my latest artwork

2016-11-01 16:40:28 by AprilP

pink circle girl by april phelps  lady in scarf by april phelps lynx by april phelps  doodle by april phelps  my dog life drawing by april phelpspainting by april phelps pokemashupchallenge  pic by april phelps  6098096_147803340872_n.jpg  6098096_147803340631_n.jpg  6098096_147803340583_n.jpg 6098096_147803340331_n.jpg 6098096_147803340081_n.jpg 6098096_147803339942_n.jpg 6098096_147803339741_n.jpg 6098096_147803339681_n.jpg 6098096_147803339563_n.jpg 6098096_147803339191_n.jpg 


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2016-11-02 12:01:48

A lot of faces here, wonder if they're all familiars? And the dog?

The picture of the old lady and you (?) looked better without paint IMO, loses a bit of the natural shade and tone of the original, but that is a pretty tricky artform too. Nice works.

(Updated ) AprilP responds:

Thanks for checking my art out. Ive had more practice with pencil. Painting is still new to me and that one of me and nana was my first human portrait painting. I draw my partner and daugter alot. I am still working on my understanding of light and shadow with colours that isn't graphite. I just got back into art two years ago with almost daily drawings. I not sure if that is my final picture of me and nana and I cannot take pic at my nana has it on her wall. And the dog is my rottweiler as a pup.


2016-11-03 05:08:14

Guess the painting of the pup, bottom one, is a newer piece? Lighting looks pretty natural there. Yeah, it's a hard craft to master (speaking like I'm an expert lol)! Anyway, good to see you're uploading to the portal already! I'll go check those out...