Entry #1

Introducing Myself & My Art

2016-11-01 15:23:04 by AprilP

Hi my name is April, a full-time mum, a hair hobbyist and I want to become an artist. I love animals and music. I came to newgrounds to enter Draw With Jazza Competition of the Month pokemashup challenge and I am currently working on my traditional drawing of a Vaporeon and charizrd fusion. I am still deciding whether to paint it or colour it with watercolour and coloured pencil. I enjoy either medium. I draw daily and practice whenever I can. With coming on here I hope to get my artwork out there for someone to notice me. these are some artwork of mine from 1 year ago i have improved alot since then thank to me drawing daily      Eye Hollow by April Phelps Rhino by April Phelps  Parrot by April Phelps  My Dog Jonah as Pup by April Phelps  Wolf Eye by April Phelps My daughter by April Phelps Hand by April Phelps mandela doodle by April Phelps maori lady pattern by april phelps


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2016-11-02 11:48:56

That's a pretty inspiring showcase of artistry! Hope you submit some to the art portal too, where more people will be able to reach it. I like the latter two in particular, anything with patterns or symmetry really, great detail.

And welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your stay, though be prepared for occasionally crude critique and a somewhat abrasive userbase clique. ;) We're all about creative craft though! Freedom of mind and matter! Art without reign and reason that wipes away some of the overflowing parody penchant of the grand web! And good fun.

AprilP responds:

Opps I added some pics twice but these are some of my favorites. Cheer for nice words and the heads up although im aware of hater on the internet.